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Earth Day

It’s not too late, because as we keep track of time, it’s not quite midnight so it must still be today. And today is Earth Day. I planted a tree.

I know, Earth Day is about a lot more than planting a tree. It’s loving the Earth, and working toward her protection. It’s using her resources wisely and wasting nothing. Solar power, hydroelectric. Do away with fossil fuels. And plant some trees. I know all of that.

About ten years ago I wanted to celebrate Earth Day at the college where I worked. So I planted a tree. I was the only one to come out for the ceremony. It was a birch tree. Beautiful. Last time I checked, it had BEEN CHOPPED DOWN. BUT guess what? That is not gonna stop me.

Today I planted another tree. Don’t misinterpret. It wasn’t all about Earth Day and saving the world. I had a small sapling that I had bought at a nursery, and it needed a permanent home. Just so happened that I found that home and planted it on Earth Day. Or was it a coincidence?

I think that the stars aligned and the spirits of the universe came together to tell me- plant that tree today.

Earth Day is a day for celebrations and statements. But a love of Mother Earth is a daily thought, without thinking. Its something we do if we really believe. Yes, the climate is changing. Its April and 85 degrees. Those among us who deny, or disbelieve, are passé. Or stupid. Or motiveated in some strange way by money to deny the facts. I think its all bout money, and the folks who don’t believe have some reason to believe in cash.

Whatever. I believe. And I planted a tree. To clean our air and give us oxygen. So when I am choking in the soot and smoke of coal fired energy plants, or burning carbon monoxide of combustible engines, I can say, damn, if only those bastards had believed in global warming I might live to see another sunrise. Peace out folks!

That’s part of my story. What’s yours?




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The Missed Call


Some people wait all their lives for the big call. Sometimes it comes, sometimes it doesn’t.  For me, the real issue isn’t so much what you do when you get the call, it’s what you do while you’re waiting for it.  You can’t get that time back. 

I’ve seen talented kids move from school to school looking for a better team to play on to enhance their athletic resume. Only problem is that better teams have better players and this talented, mobile kid is on the best team, warming the bench. The call never comes.  Could have been a star on a lesser team.

Last spring I met someone who years ago was hailed as a very talented and promising poet. Big time in the poetry world. Acclaim caused an internal meltdown as she waited in bed for the next great poem to flow from her fingers. The call never came.

How many people have you ever seen who work hard and boast of all the trappings of success.  The houses, cars, club memberships, fame, and fortune. Waiting for a call offering the next accolade. Maybe it comes. And all the while the family waits on hold. A missed call.

Yesterday I had my phone silenced because I was at work in the hospital. I forgot to turn it back on when I went home. While I wasn’t paying attention I missed a call. This one from the antique shop. I wait anxiously for these calls every day. Someone wants to buy something big. But doesn’t like the price. Let’s haggle. What a thrill!

I missed the call but called right back. They wanted some stained glass windows, but wanted a discount. Could I do that? I was excited because I’d like to move these big ticket items. I’d do what they asked. But, they had just left. Couldn’t wait. On their way home to another state. Didn’t want to ship them later.

Missed call. Missed sale. Damn! That sale would have put me on easy street for this month. Damn!

What was my real reaction? There will be another buyer. A buyer who will be happy to pay the full price. Or a price that didn’t require a call to me.

Missed call. Missed sale. Yeah, but tomorrow is another day. Another sale. Another call.  If it’s that important they’ll call back!  In the mean time, keep on rockin!

That’s part of my story. What’s yours? Www.personalhistorywriter.com

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