Resolution or Revolution?

New Years resolutions are for losers! Not those who want to lose weight, just losers. Don’t be offended if you are a person who makes a New Years resolution. Making a decision to improve your life is a long standing tradition. And there are many good resolutions to make. Lose weight, get fit, quit smoking. The real problem is that in making some kind of resolution on new Years Eve, we haven’t really taken a lot of time to think it through. And without proper planning, we set ourselves up for failure. Loser!

Like a lot of you out there I used to make resolutions every year. And watch myself fail in their execution. Sometimes almost immediately. No planning. Unrealistic goals set up. Maybe no real goal at all. I’m going to live better this year. What does that mean? Quit smoking. Are we gonna do it cold turkey? Maybe gradually so that by the end of the year we no longer light up? Lose weight? Evert rime I’ve gone on a diet I ended up gaining weight!

Whatever your resolution, you cant succeed without being actively engaged in progressing toward a goal. A goal that is well defined. Measurable. And most of all, attainable. Set the bar too high and you can’t reach it. In order to satisfy these requirements, the plan has to be something you can stick to. Long term.

Sometimes, to attain a big goal we have to go way beyond resolving to get there. We need to start a revolution!!! And that is what I’m going to do this year. Matter of fact, it’s already under way.

Of course I’m not talking about starting an armed uprising to overthrow the government. No, I’m talking about making a huge change in the way we live our lives to attain the goal that is so important to us. Want a new job, a better job? Learn everything you can. Network. Actively look for opportunities. Better jobs rarely come to those daydreaming at their desks!

In my case, my revolution revolves around health and fitness. I have a physical impediment that has slowed me down some in the past few years. And because of it I have allowed myself to get fat. And flabby. And weak. I don’t like the way I look and I don’t like the way I feel. Sure, I’ve been to the gym. And I have dieted. But without real dedication and purpose. Lots of failure though.

This time, and I’m purposely not calling it a New Years resolution, I’m going all out. I got a personal trainer and he is working with me to develop exercise routines that can accomodate my physical issues. And he is jumping all over me about my diet. Before he would agree to work with me he explained all his ideas and philosophies and asked me if I was good with working with all of them. He said he didn’t want either of us to waste the others time. He’s not a taskmaster. But he does explain things and provide encouragement.

He didn’t weigh me. Or measure my body fat. Nope. They way he measures success is to see the difference in my appearance after certain time periods. If I look the same in six months as I do today, we have both failed. And I sense he is not accustomed to failure. And I will not accept it either.

With goals and plan in hand, I’m off to start my revolution. And since I have made public my plans, to you my readers, I have even more motivation to succeed. I can do this to show you and the rest of the world that I can do it, but mainly I am doing it for me. Being healthier will be good for my health!

That’s part of my story.  What’s yours?



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