Christmas Fun!

The last thing I wanted for Christmas was clothes! It was so disappointing when I would get a shirt or socks or even worse, underwear for my Christmas present. Why couldn’t I have a Red Ryder BB gun? Or a new Stingray bike with a banana seat? Something fun. It was always something practical. I guess it had something to do with my parents living through the great Depression.

As I got older I began to appreciate the clothes a little more. Especially shoes. But I still yearned for something fun. So, as an adult I make a point of giving fun presents. Not so much toys or things to play with. But things that are less than utilitarian. I like to give art in one of its many forms. I like to receive art too, and once in a while I do. People tell me it’s wrong to give others a gift that is something I would like, or that I would like that person to have instead of something that they actually want. Maybe. But Christmas isn’t really about making a list of things you want and expecting family and friends to buy and deliver said list of items. It’s about giving. And I give from my heart.

This year, considering how warm, hell, hot it is outside, I should have given water skis to everyone! But I gave art. In a couple of cases I went with something practical, bending all my rules. But only because I knew someone needed something practical. But I tossed in a little art as well. It’s just the way I am.

I noticed today as I ran a few errands that the bank wasn’t crowded. Neither was the drug store. And I think the post office was even closed when I got there. But holy smokes, the parking lot of the doc in the box emergency center was packed! Just like a department store on black Friday!

On my way our of the neighborhood I had seen some kids, probably not much older than seven or eight, riding brand new dirt bikes. In the road. Oh boy! Maybe it was the kids who got all the fun toys, the skateboards, trampolines, dirt bikes, pogo sticks and firearms who were there at the emergency center..

I could have saved them a lot of trouble by giving them art. And their parents could have saved the day by giving them socks and shorts. But part of Christmas is happy and fun and sometimes you just have to give the kids the fun stuff. And that’s kids of all ages. But having fun doesn’t mean tossing care and common sense out the window! The little kid who wanted the BB gun was told repeatedly, you will shoot your eye out kid! And damn if he didn’t bounce a BB off himself and break his glasses!

I like fun. I need more of it. But I still keep my eyes peeled for trouble.


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