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First Ride

As I begin here to describe the warm weather we are experiencing locally, the forecast on the news is that we’re going to have a cold snap. I almost felt guilty describing the warm weather knowing that my fellow citizens north of here are deep into a blizzard. The cold snap will make up for that!

The last few days it’s been cold in the morning but it’s warmed up nicely into the mid 60s in the afternoon. Pretty damn warm for February, even here in Georgia.   And every day I go outside in the afternoon and I think to myself this would be an awesome day to be riding my scooter! But I can’t ride to work because it’s too cold. For me anyway. Unless I bundle up in so many layers of clothing that I can’t move my body!   But it sure is nice scooter weather in the afternoon.

Other than this upcoming cold snap it’ll be warm enough pretty soon so that I’ll be able to start riding all day long. I’ll be able to ride to work in the morning and ride home in the evening.   This past Sunday the weather was beautiful. The sun was out, casting its warming rays freely and the temperature was in the mid 60s. So I pulled the scooter out of its hibernation, put the battery back in and cleaned that sweet bike up a little bit. I put on my scooter riding outfit and I hit the road for the years first ride. It was glorious!

The wind created by zipping along the highways made it feel a little cool, but it felt good. It felt like the freedom I remembered. The freedom I always feel when I’m riding.   I knew I had chosen a good day because I saw other people riding their own bikes. And they all seemed to be happy. Glad to have the warm weather. And we all waved the bikers secret wave as we passed each other and acknowledged the fact that while we all ride different machines, we all love to ride.

That’s part of my story. What’s yours?


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Escape from Physics

The sign on the side of the road said, “the dormancy ends in four days.” When I say the side of the road what I mean is the grassy space between the road and the parking lot of the garden center. Of course the true subject of the sign was the dormancy of the plants and grass and trees that had been in hibernation all winter. In four days the sap would begin to rise and the living bodies would begin to show signs of life once again. New buds. And leaves. And flowers.

But while my mind was racing, and processing this idea, another thought occurred to me. The dormancy could be referring to the sleeping locusts. Or zombies. Or some horrid plague on the face of the earth. And in four days we would all be wiped out by this impending doom. No, if that were the case I believe there would have been someone wearing a black robe carrying the sign. Must be the plants being referred to.

But what I really didn’t understand until a little bit later was that the dormancy was my own dormancy. I think it’s finally coming to an end. Physicists and astronomers will tell you that a black hole has such a powerful drawing and ingesting quality that once within the consuming grip, nothing can escape. Everything just gets sucked in and stays there, lost forever.

I’ve been in my own personal black hole for several months now. Not an astro physical galactic black hole, but a mental mess. Somehow, at last, I’m beginning to crawl out of the damn thing! I’m beginning to have the energy and the strength to refocus and to get out. I can’t explain to you what caused my stumbling, or more truthfully, I won’t explain, but I’m beginning to get out. I can think again. Concentrate. Enjoy. One of the most telling signs that I’m on my way is that I can once again listen to music. Maybe the music is curing the savage beast. Or maybe the beast is calm enough to listen again.

Each day is a new beginning. Filled with new opportunities. Bringing new adventures. All very welcome. Lessons learned from the black hole. That’s part of my story. What’s yours?

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