Stop the Drooling!!!

So you think the title says it all? Sounds pretty disgusting and certainly paints an ugly picture. But wait, before you turn the page, let me explain something. Maybe you’ll feel a little better.

One of the things that I like most in the world is “pretty.” From disgusting to pretty, just like that. Read on.

What I look for in the world is beauty. Could be a pretty girl, or a beautiful spirit. Put them together and ooh-la-la! C’est tres bon!

When I go to yard sales I see many things, but am always attracted to “pretty.” Could be a piece of colored glass. Or a piece of furniture with sleek lines. Or what I saw that made me drool.

It was shiny, and colorful, and old and one of the things I love to look at. One of the things I would love to own, but can’t really afford. But I look so I’ll know when I see a good one. And this was it. I just knew it.

I’m not big on looking at most jewelry, but this was different. This was Native American sterling and turquoise. It was old. And it was gorgeous. A big old squash blossom necklace. And next to it was another sterling necklace with delicate beads and tubes, and huge shingles of silver with shadow boxed turquoise. Magnificent. The kind of stuff you only see in jewelry stores and museums. I just knew it…

I asked about the price and damn, I WAS right. Way out of my range. I passed on it, but not by choice.

And that’s when the drooling started. The rest of the day I couldn’t get it out of my head. So I went back. I wasn’t sure to what purpose. The price would be the same. It would be torture to look at and not be able to have. But I had to have another look. It was just so unusual to see something like this at a yard sale!!! Learning experience if nothing else. And maybe that would stop the drooling.

It was still there when I returned. Talking to the owner a little more I kept thinking of some way of justifying a second mortgage to buy this thing. And then all of a sudden the price began to drop. I told her I couldn’t afford it and just wanted to look. She saw the sparkle in my eyes I guess.

After more conversation the price dropped to a point where it would be a reach, but I could do it. I’d have to resell one to keep the other.

It was an awesome piece. I wouldn’t sell my soul for it, but I would dig deep into my bank account. After double-checking how much money was actually in that account, I made a final offer. The deal was done.

Turns out I was funding two people’s dreams. Mine of collecting a real treasure, and another person’s of hitting the road to make it in the big time. I felt good doing that because I wish someone had funded my own dreams years and years ago.

It wasn’t that expensive. I had the money. A win-win situation. That’s the kind of deal I’ll make anytime. Such a beautiful thing.

That’s part of my story. What’s yours?


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