The Jazz Singer

Here in the South we have an expression: “you clean up pretty good.” Has nothing to do with vacuuming or window washing or dusting. What it means, in the case of a woman, is that with a little lipstick, some face powder, rouge and perfume, a nice dress, fancy shoes and a well manicured hairdo, she looks a whole lot better than when she rolled out of bed in the morning. With a little “cleanin’ up,” she’s a knockout.

A couple of weeks ago I went to a yard sale at a very typical place, and met a woman who seemed to be a very typical Saturday morning yard sale host. Jeans. T-shirt. Hair pulled back in a ponytail. And sneakers. She had a very interesting table that I ended up buying after a rather lengthy conversation. What I found out was that there was something just a little special about her. She was a jazz singer.

I asked her if she was famous and she told me a little about her career. And mentioned that she was singing in a club in my town in a couple of weeks. I put the date on my mental calendar. I like jazz. At least some of it. And I pictured her as a sultry singer in a smoke filled club in the fifties. Like in the movies.

On the appointed date we went to the club. Of course there is no smoking allowed in this club. And much of it was devoted to people standing around the bar, or dining at tables outdoors. But there were tables to sit at near the stage. And, there was this super cool seating area straight out of a late 1950s magazine. Orange velour sofa and chairs. Mid century lamps. Just my style!

A little while after the show was supposed to start the songbird appeared. All cleaned up and looking like a Jazz Singer. So different from that recent Saturday morning. And then she began to sing. Who woulda guessed she had the pipes she did? Beautiful. And just the kind of jazz I like.

Her name is Mary Sigalas. When she gets to be famous, and come s to your town, you should go see, and hear, the show. Make sure you clean up good before you go. It wont be in no dive!

That’s part of my story. What’s yours?


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  1. Thanks. Lovely story! I’ll drop by here again. Regards from Thom at the immortal jukebox (drop a nickel).

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