Porsche and Prius

On the surface it would seem that the only similarities between these two objects is that they each have four wheels and move you from point A to point B via some sort of propulsion system.  Pretty obvious that they have a few differences as well.

The Porsche gracefully moves along, purring like a big cat with its 350 horsepower six cylinder engine.  It moves fast.  And handles like it’s part of the road.  Of course this vehicle is all about image.  It looks good.  And by association, so does its driver.  Not much trunk space though.  And it’s not exactly a people mover.  Oh yeah, it screams money with it’s sky high price tag.

On the other hand, the Prius purrs along silently with it’s hybrid gas/electric engine.  It’s not exactly what you’d call a beautiful car, but it is efficient.  And practical.  And eco-friendly too.  All good things.  Different cars.  Different drivers.  Different needs.

The thing is though that when I saw these two side by side in the road the only similarity was that they were both a smashed up pile of junk.  The differences? None.  Both totaled.  Heaps of scrap metal.

Surrounded by police cars with flashing lights, fire trucks with hoses deployed and red lights spinning, and an ambulance hurrying off to the hospital, sirens and lights blaring, the Porsche didn’t look exotic and the Prius didn’t look eco-friendly.  All the airbags were out.  No sign of drivers.  

When two cars collide, it doesn’t matter much what they are.  There is going to be crumpled metal and cracked fiberglass and plastic.  Scratched paint.  You may think that Hummer is gonna protect you, but there is always something bigger.  And in reality you kinda need to worry about the damage you do to someone else.  No matter whose fault.

Best advice?  Drive carefully.  Whatever you drive.

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