Hurricane Beach

We pulled off a pretty good trick this weekend. At the last minute, like July 1, we decided to go to the beach for the Fourth of July weekend. Bear in mind that I don’t live at the beach, or near it, and I don’t have a beach house. And the Fourth of July holiday weekend is probably the busiest weekend of all at any beach resort area.

Looking on line I found lots of nice places to stay. None had any vacancies. Hotels, condos, private homes, all booked up. I had to work my way through three different islands to finally find a place. Jekyll didn’t have a thing. Saint Simons might have had something but gong there is like having my whole town transported to another place. Just everyone who is anyone goes to St. Simons. Nope. So we hit on Hilton Head.

It’s been years since we’ve been here. Like fifteen I think. We are in a place called Palmetto Dunes Plantation. The island has changed a lot, but not the plantation. Sure there are lots of new condos and even a new hotel, expanded anyway, but basically it’s a tropical resort carved out of the coastal forest of South Carolina. Very nice. And our place is only a ten or fifteen minute walk from the beautiful beach.

I’m spoiled and I always insist on staying in oceanfront accommodations. This weekend there just weren’t any available that met our needs. Everyone wanted a full week commitment, and they wanted to charge five hundred dollars a night. We are here for three nights. I’m not sure, but it may still be costing the five hundred per night. But out my front door is the pool, and the back porch is right on the lagoon. It’s a nice place. All things considered.

When we got here and I looked at the map of the area I remembered why we probably haven’t been here in a long while. The last time was when the hurricane hit and we had to evacuate. I was determined to have fun to the very end so we rode bikes in the rain. We swam in the pool in the rain. We swam with frogs in the pool, in the rain. We went to the beach in the rain and I even tried to fly the kite in the hurricane winds. When we finally left, the roads out of the resort were under six inches of water in places. But I’ve got a great story to tell.

This year, Tropical Storm Arthur, not sure it ever made it to hurricane status, was tracking up the east coast as we were driving toward our vacation wonderland. It should be right over Hilton Head just as we reach it was the forecast. Oh BOY!!! Crossing from the mainland to the island the rain started. Squally. It didn’t last long though and by the time we actually got to the beach it was clear. Rest of the weekend is supposed to be nice. Whew! Maybe we’ll come back sooner next time.

That’s part of my story. What’s yours?


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