The Anniversary

Aaahhh! Splat! Just like the old Batman TV show with its colorful captions during superhero fight scenes. Except this was real. And I was the splat.

Today is the one-year anniversary of my accident. Climbing on the house, I fell off. A backward swan dive thru the air. Must have looked very graceful to any witnesses. At least until the end when I slammed into the mud twelve feet below where I started. I remember it like it was yesterday. But I don’t think about it much. Unfortunately, I’m constantly reminded by the souvenirs I was left with.

My shoulder was broken into two pieces. Very painful. Very rare to see on a living person. After months in a sling and long sessions of physical therapy I was released from the orthopedist’s care. Turns out that when the bone grew back together it was crooked. There is a kind of ridge where the two pieces meet unevenly. I hear all the muscles and tendons and whatever rolling over it whenever I move it. With a little kind of clicking sound as it goes over the ridge. I also messed up some nerves in that area. It hurts all the time.

The good news is that when I left the doctor’s office he told me that it should be ok. But, if it wasn’t better after a year I should come back and we could look into some arthroscopic surgery. So, here it is, a few hours to go and the year will be up. I hope that means that in the nex several hours I’m going to have a miraculous recovery. If not, I’m just gonna live with it. I’m used to the pain and I have good range of motion. But I have bad experience with surgery.

Happy anniversary!!!

That’s part of my story. What’s yours?


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