The Tree, Redux

In the dead of winter I wrote a story about “the tree” and its caretakers.  At the time I was thinking that never again would I see that tree.  Much to my surprise, and elation, I once again found myself at its feet.  This time, in full summer leaf Purple leaves on the copper beech. I wanted to share that image with those who follow my blog, and those who might tune in fresh based on the subject.  In capturing an image I realized that in spite of their efforts, the caretakers had not been fully successful in saving the tree from the power company saw.  The first picture I took captured an image of a glorious tree, narrowed by the blade.  I walked around the tree and noticed that if I took the picture from the front of the house, parallel to the road, and its power lines, I could capture the tree in its full width. And glory, with its widest branches spreading out beyond the camera’s field of view.  It was only in a side view that the “pruning” was apparent. Of course I couldn’t bear to think of the tree in its reduced state, and knew that my readers would also be horrified, so I chose to ignore the first picture and present to the world the second picture.  The tree, in its full summer majesty.  As it should be.  The power company may think its winning the battle, keeping its wires clear, but this tree, this ancient and majestic being, is winning the war.  At least for now.  The house is for sale, and with it the tree.  And the responsibility for preserving the tree.  I can only hope that the new owners accept that responsibility. That’s part of my story.  What’s yours? photo-38


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June 30, 2014 · 1:07 am

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