Chance of Rain

Chance of rain. Thirty percent. Maybe later this afternoon or evening. It depends. How hot will it get? What direction and how hard will the wind blow? There is a high pressure here and a low over there and how they dance together makes a difference. Weather forecasting can be really inexact.

At the same time people just get glued to the TV or radio listening to the prediction of bad weather. Chance of snow sends everyone to the grocery store for bread and milk. Gonna rain? Take an umbrella. Change your behavior.

People look at me funny at work when I ride my scooter with a chance of rain. Your gonna get wet. Oooh, that’s dangerous. Riding in the rain isn’t fun. I’ve done it. I’m extra careful turning and go a little slower. I also wear a rain suit and gloves. Be prepared. That’s my motto. I keep an umbrella in my truck and a rain suit with my scooter.

I love to ride. And I won’t let a chance of rain stop me. My personal prediction of the weather is based on what I see when I look out the window. Not raining now. Light cloud cover. Go for it! I’d rather take the chance and get a little wet than miss out on the ride.

Turns out that today with a thirty percent chance of rain the sun peeked in and out of the clouds all day. And I rode without a drop of rain.

That’s part of my story. What’s yours?


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One response to “Chance of Rain

  1. Rain never bothers me unless its a cold raid. When I become cold I just shut down. I actually love to ride in a soaking rain when its above 90 degrees. Just let yourself get drenched and become one with your wetness. Lets the folks in their cages wonder why your so happy.

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