Ah, sleep!  A time to relax and refresh both mind and body.  And to entertain ourselves with dreams, or nightmares.  At least, that’s the way it’s supposed to work.  If you don’t sleep well you just get more and more tired.  No matter how many times you fall asleep.

I was amazed at how well I slept while I was out of town.  Down at eleven.  Up at seven.  Go, go, go all day.  And no naps required!  Why was I sleeping better away from home than in my own bed?  Usually works the other way.

There are plenty of reasons why we may not get enough sleep.  Up for a bathroom break.  Uncomfortable bed.  Body aches or pains.  Stressed out brain.  Poor breathing.  And too much noise.

That’s gotta be it.  This trip away from home let me sleep in a very quiet place.  My parents live out in the country.  Not much traffic on the road at night.  No neighbors raising a ruckus.  Not even the crickets this time of year.  The guest bedroom is in a different wing than the master so any noise the folks might make I wouldn’t have heard.  No one else there.

Whoa!  That’s it!  No one else there.  I don’t mean this in any bad way, but my wife snores.  A lot.  She says I do too, which is probably true.  The difference though is that my snoring doesn’t keep her awake.  I lay there wondering how many seconds it will be before the silence will be broken.  3, 2, 1… Like a chain saw.  If I can get past this, and actually fall asleep, I’m OK.  Until she lets out a big snuhhhhhhkkkkkhm.  The cycle starts over.

At home I take a few naps here and there.  Just part of bein’ a family I guess.  That’s part of my story.  What’s yours?


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