Nothin’ But a Thing!

I am an amnesia victim.  At least that’s what my tag says.  No one seems to know who or what I am so I am just referred to as a whatchamacallit.  I know I’m something.  At least no calls me “whatzit,” like the much maligned mascot of the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games.  I’m just an unknown commodity.


I was last seen in an antique shop.  Before that I was in a yard sale where my current owner saw me and just thought I was the coolest piece of metal.  Unknown origin, unknown purpose, but super cool!

The only thing I can tell you is that I’m made of some kind of cast metal.  And, I’m very dirty.  Grease all over me I think.  Suggests that perhaps I did something in a kitchen.  I have what seems like a handle.  And there is a receptacle of some sort on me.  And other than the big opening in my middle, there is a hole in the receptacle for something to flow through.  Did I make waffles?

Who knows?  Anybody out there have any idea as to who I might be?  Wait, someone must know.  I think I’m going to a new home.  SOLD!

That’s part of my story.  What’s yours?


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