Thick Skin

He offered what?!!  Why, that sassafrassin’, gob stoppin’, gall darn, low down dirty dog!  What nerve!  Who does he think he is?  Ridiculous!  Jerk.

Whoa, dude!  Get a grip!  Yeah, yeah, yeah, somebody offered you a ridiculously low price for something in the store. Don’t have a cow.  It’s business.  Could be they really are uneducated as to the true value of the object and therefore offered something  unacceptably low.  Educate them.  Or, more likely, its someone trying to snag a deal.

Yesterday I got a call from the antique mall folks.  They said there was a customer who wanted something I had in my store.  I had it marked at a certain price but they wanted to know if I’d take half.  My immediate response?  Oh, no.  Not even close.  I came back with something about eighty five percent of the original price.  I didn’t know right away, but they took that deal.

As I thought about it, I got more and more offended.  Sell my treasure for half price? Never!!!  But, from the buyer’s perspective it’s worth a shot.  Maybe you make the seller mad and the party is over.  Or, you start a haggle and settle on something.

If I’d had that thing sitting in the store for years and no one ever offered anything, I might have considered the half price offer.  But I had just put it out a week ago, and it had some real historical significance.  As well as personal connection.

Personal or not, it’s just a thing.  And things have market value.  Some things have a more precisely established value than others, but there is still a generally accepted price range regarding the value.  Have to take the emotion out of it and keep it business.  When you are making your sales pitch you can load up all the emotion and sentimentality and historical value and “you gotta have this” you want, but in setting, or settling on a price, it’s all business. 

I have to work on having thicker skin.  That sassafrassin’ jerk ended up paying a fair price, and both of us were happy.  I just had to get over the emotion.  I’m sure glad I’m not trying to sell my granny’s old house where there are so many memories.  Thick skin!

That’s part of my story.  What’s yours?


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