Christmas Preparation

The holiday season attracts shoppers to antiques stores.  Same way that folks are prone to throng the department stores this time of year.  And as shopkeepers we make special efforts to entice these shoppers.  We decorate the store, and load up on seasonal merchandise.

All summer I was looking for and buying things to sell for the holidays.  Angels, Santa, Christmas trees.  All the regular holiday themed stuff.  But all antiques.  Amazing what you can find in July.  And the bargain prices!

It isn’t even Halloween yet, but it’s time to get the Christmas stuff out into the store.  That always bothered me before I opened this shop.  Now I understand that practice a lot better.  Gotta sell it.

Not this weekend, or the next, but the one after, November 16th, the antique mall I’m in is having a holiday open house.  It’s gonna be big!  So, I’m putting the Christmas stuff in the store.  I have a few different things, but mainly its window candles from the 60’s or 70’s.  And a spectacular blow mold candle!  Remember, I buy what I like so what I have may not be to your liking.  But it is really cool, believe me.  Here is a pic.


Makes for a festive entrance, right?  So, come to the shop and look around.  There is sure to be something that catches your fancy!

That’s part of my story.  What’s yours?


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