Bugs in the Teeth!

Bugs in my teeth and the wind in my hair! Man I missed that. Freedom. Flying. I’m back on my bike!

It rained all of June. On July the fourth I broke my shoulder blade. I haven’t been on the bike since Memorial Day. Every time I heard the sound of a motorcycle I wanted to ride. I like my truck, but I love my bike

The doctor lifted all of my restrictions on Tuesday. If I can work full speed I can play full speed. So, I can ride. And today I did! I wear a helmet so I don’t really have to deal with bugs or blowing hair. But the freedom and flying is real. If you ride, you know.

Rolling through the S curves of the country roads I felt like I’d never been gone.   My shoulder hurts a little from holding the handlebars, and I have a little trouble reaching far enough to get my helmet on, but I’m back. Let’s ride!

That’s part of my story.  What’s yours? www.personalhistorywriter.com



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