Sending Forth

You bring them into your world and care for them.  Provide love and attention and nurturing.  Then one day they are ready to go.  Out into the world on their own.    You’re thinking about your kids going of to preschool.  Or college.  Off to a first job and home.  Right?  I know you are.  Me, I’m talking about the stuff I sell in my store- Living History Antiques.

That’s right.  I acquire these things, wherever, and bring them into my home.  I dust them off.  Maybe polish em up a little.  There are some bumps and bruises to attend to as well.  I get to know their every feature.  And quirk.

And then, I put them into the store to share with others.  The intent is to sell them so that’s a little different from raising and sharing my kids.  But I do feel attached.  Sometimes more than others.

Everything in the store is something I like.  That’s why I bought it in the first place.  But there are some things I bought intending to resell.  And other things I bought because I really liked them.  I mean really.  And there are even a few things I bought, and don’t intend to resell!

It’s these things that I have feelings about.  I want to sell them.  That’s the nature of my business.  But I want to hold on to admire them too.  Everything is for sale of course, and at the right price I will let it go.  Some things just have no room for bargaining though, while others do.

When these things go, it’s a little like sending my kids off into the world.  Difference is, I’ll never see the thing again, but I did have a chance to enjoy it.  With the kids, I’ve had lots of time to enjoy them, and they will always be coming back so I can enjoy them even more.  The things will never change so I enjoy them for what they are.  The kids, they will constantly be changing  and I can enjoy them for who they are, and who they will become.  I love my kids!

That’s part of my story. What’s yours?


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