One for Me, Two for You!

When I’m buying, I have to always consider this one thing.  If I can’t sell it, will I be OK having to keep it for myself?  Don’t buy anything you don’t mind being stuck with.  Although, I take it a little further and just buy what I like.  That makes me happy.  And I don’t have to think of being “stuck” with it.  There must be others out there who like what I do.  And want to buy it.

The other thing I always have to think about is, can I resell it for a profit?  That makes it hard to buy anything that’s really just for me.  I’m always looking for bargain basement prices on top shelf items.  Since my other rule is to buy the best I can afford, I tend to go for the better pieces.  Not broken, torn up, scratched or dented.  Rickety old junk gets passed up.  Unless I think I can fix it and flip it.

It’s hard therefor for me to look at anything as just for me.  I’ll pay for good stuff for me.  And I have gotten a few things that I intend to keep for me.  My personal collection.  I may have to store my personal collection at my emporium, which makes it harder to hold on to.   So, I buy one thing for me, and more like two hundred for you.

The idea behind all of it though is to save it for posterity.  And maybe pass it along to someone else for them to enjoy.  I like to save history.  Both its things, and its memories.

That’s part of my story.  What’s yours?



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