Football and Yard Sales

I live in a medium sized Southern town with a huge, huge, huge college football program.  Top ten in the nation.  Southeastern Conference.  All that.  Big.  And I say it’s a medium sized town because it’s not a big city, but I don’t want anyone to mistakenly think that I live in Mayberry.  Not that I wouldn’t like to live in Mayberry.  I just don’t.

Down here folks call football a religion.  So, during the Fall of the year, you better not schedule anything during one of these “church” services!  If you schedule a wedding for a home game Saturday you might as well just go to the Justice of the Peace.  If he’s not at the game.  No one is coming to your big day.

Same thing happens with yard sales.  Last weekend there was no home football game.  I found at least thirty yard sales to go to although I probably only hit about twelve.  This weekend was a different story.  Home game in the early afternoon.  Televised.  Ninety-two thousand fans filled the stadium.  There were only four yard sales, and yes, I got to all of them.

Not everyone cares about football.    They might not consider that when scheduling their yard sale.  Not everyone can get tickets to go to the stadium.  They may watch on TV.  Or listen on the radio.  Either can be done during a yard sale.  Most yard salers hit the streets early so they can do the yard sale then, if they choose,  do the football game.  Maybe.

A football game isn’t like a movie.  You don’t just show up five minutes before the start.  There is the whole issue of tailgating.  For some this means camping out over night.  For others it’s cooking all day.  Or drinking.  For others there are just a lot of things to do that are associated with the game.  It’s a whole day affair, no matter what tine the kickoff.

Slim pickins at the yard sales on a football Saturday.  But unless I’m goin to the game, I’ll go to the yard sales.  Flip a coin, yard sale, football.  Tough choice.  I’ll try for both!

That’s part of my story.  What’s yours?


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