The Sale!


I’m officially in the antiques business.  It’s one thing to open a store.  To be a storefront with lots of wonderful things for sale.  It’s totally another thing to actually make a sale.  And be in business.

You might have guessed.  I made my first sale!  Ten days ago I was working hard to turn an empty space into Living History Antiques.  Placing items here and there.  Hoping people would stop and look.  And buy.  Everything was placed just so.  For maximum visibility.  And impact.

I went back a week ago to put a few more treasures out.  Nothing was missing.  No sales.  Aw heck, it’s only been a couple of days.  Give it a chance.  A week later I went back again.  To put out more stuff.  And check on sales.

I walked in the door and the girl minding the mall said it had been a busy day.  Perhaps for me, too?  When I got to my space I could tell that I had certainly had visitors.  There were several things out of place, moved around.  But it still looked pretty much the same as I had left it otherwise.  As I placed some other items out I did a double take. 

Having collected each and every item in the shop personally, and having put each thing in its place with my own hand, I had a pretty good grasp of what was in there.  And now I thought to myself, I know there were two of those last week.  Sure enough, only one there now.  A sale!  The first sale out of the booth!

I have items ranging quite widely in price and naturally I was hoping that one of the highest value items would be my first sale.  As it turned out, it was my lowest priced item!  My first sale was a whopping $3.50.

My initial inclination was to feel dejected.  How am I gonna make any money with a three dollar sale?  But, a sale is a sale.  One leads to another.  And the right buyer will come along to claim those high-end items.  One of these days.  It’s still been less than two weeks.  I’ll give it some time.  History moves at it’s own pace.

That’s part of my story.  What’s yours?



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