The Preparation

I’m committed to the idea of running an antique shop.  Some might think I should be committed to an asylum.  But I’m on a roll.  That first thing has been joined by others.  All over the house.  Without an actual store to sell in, yet, I’m keeping all this stuff in the house.  Waiting for the big day.  It’s in deep storage in the basement.  It’s in the garage awaiting some touch up or minor repair.  It’s in the living room on display.  It’s in closets, the laundry room and even in the kitchen and dining room!  Let’s face it.  It’s everywhere.

Weekends are spent hitting the yard sales.  Looking for great bargains on fantastic treasure.  You know, there has to be a priceless Rembrandt hidden behind that paint by numbers kitten.  Or Spanish gold in that little piggy bank.  It happens.  Maybe someday.

In the meantime, it’s yard sales and flea markets.  I’m beginning to recognize people I see at all the sales.  I scour the ads all week in the newspaper, on Craigslist and even on this iPhone app I downloaded.  You never know which ones will be best so I do my best to pick half a dozen for Saturday morning.  And I’ll sneak in one or two on a Friday if I can.

I see all sorts of stuff out there.  Not always antiques.  Very often junk.  But then there is the good stuff.  Some of the good stuff is nice, but not for me. That’s the one rule I have to stick to.  Don’t buy anything unless it calls out to me.  Otherwise I might be stuck with something I don’t really like.  The real question however, is the price.

Of course, there is always room for negotiation.  Sometimes there is a lot of room for that.  Other times, not so much. When I’ve had my own garage sales I was sometimes secretly, and sometimes openly offended by what people would offer.  Some treasure I had marked at five bucks would draw an offer of a quarter!  Outrageous.  So, I try to be conscious of that, and respectful.  But business is business, and sometimes I’ll make those crazy offers.  Never know unless you ask.

But what I’m really thinking is, can I make a profit reselling this thing?  That’s the bottom line.  There have been a few things I probably paid too much for.  Still learning.  And there are even a few things I’ve thought about buying just to have in the shop to draw interest.  But I’m not going to be opening a museum, or decorating my living room, so it’s gotta sell.  And make a buck.

I’ve been at the sales all summer now and the house is getting full.  Time for the next step in this process.  Let’s get a shop!

That’s part of my story.   What’s yours?


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