The Idea

Without actually counting, I do believe that I have many more ideas in the back of my head than in the front.  Just things I’ve tucked away to revisit at a later time.  For one of those ideas, way, way in the back for many years, the time has come!  I’m going into the antiques business.

I’ve loved antiques of some sort or another since I bought that bugle that Teddy Roosevelt carried up San Juan Hill.  Right.  I was ten, it sounded like a good story.  But since then I’ve scoured dusty dumps and grand galleries.  Always searching for some hidden treasure that was calling my name.

My vision in the past has had many aspects.  There is the treasure hunt part.  Finding the stuff to sell.  Or maybe to keep for myself.  At least for a while.  And there is the selling part.  Here is where it gets multifaceted.  The grand galleries have well dressed beautiful people selling to even better dressed people.  Very just so.  The dusty dumps have old codgers sitting there, inhaling dust and cigarette smoke while watching a ball game on a rabbit eared television, or listening on an old crackly radio.  There is a middle ground somewhere for me, and I’ll find it.   And then there is the riches part.  As long as the income exceeds the outflow, I’ll consider it to be riches.  Dream come true? Priceless!

So one day I got off work early and thought I’d go downtown to check out a shop.  Funky place with cool stuff.  I walked in the door and bam!  There it was.  This thing.  You fill in the blank for what makes your hair stand on end.

Then it hit me.  I’ve got to have that.  It will be perfect for an antiques shop.  My antiques shop.  If I’m ever going to do it, open that shop, buy this thing and commit to it.  This was something that would never fit in my house, but it did speak to me.  So, I leapt off the fence I’d been straddling for decades and bought it.  As well as several other things that would be perfect for my antique shop.

I’m in the antique business!  Just like that.  All I have to do is find a place to sell my stuff.

That’s part of my story.   What’s yours?


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