The Tossed Salad

What a mess!  I overfilled the bowl.  Again.  And now half the stuff has fallen onto the floor and I have to observe the five-second rule.  What a lucky dog I have!  And I’m lucky to have her around to clean up my mess.

When I make a salad I like to put all of the ingredients into the bowl, and then stir it up with the tongs.  Or a fork and spoon.  Lettuce on the bottom.  Then add mushrooms, green peppers, maybe some carrots and onions.  Garbanzo beans too.  I like garbanzo beans.  Throw on a little shredded cheese and there you have it.  Salad. 

But it’s gotta be tossed, mixed up, to really be good.  Sol, I stick the tongs, or whatever utensil I’m using, into the bowl and start stirring.  If I do it real slowly and with great precision, I can avoid spilling all the stuff.  But usually I’m hungry and just reach in and start tossing.  And spilling.  Maybe I should put less into the bowl to begin with.  Nah…

IN some outdoor type catalog I saw this thing to use for making ice cream.  The old fashioned way involves a churn.  Electric if you’re lucky.  But this new thing is a ball and you put the ingredients inside, roll it all around, and there you have it- ice cream.  That’s what I need for my salad.  Put in all the stuff and roll it around.

Not sure I really want to eat if after rolling it around on the floor though.  Wait.  Better idea.  I can’t claim this as my own original thought though.  Put all the stuff into a Tupperware bowl, seal on the cover, and shake the stuffing out of it!  Perfect.

What does James Bond say?  Shaken, not stirred.  Sounds good to me!

That’s part of my story.  What’s yours?


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