Now I Get It!

It was simply beautiful.  Not outrageously overdone.  The flowers were minimal, but lovely.  Contemporary music.  The sanctuary uncluttered by excessive adornment.  Dresses were simple.  Suits had neckties, not bows.  And the bride wore white.  A marvelously elegant strapless with a short trane.  Certainly not a wedding like that of Kate and William.  But just as meaningful to the bride and groom.   And just as expressive of who they are.

To me a wedding is a great ceremony for the bride and groom, but not so much for the unrelated guests.  I wasn’t a family member.  Nor a friend of bride or groom.  I’ve known the bride for a number of years, but only because of her parents and sister really.  Her sister played volleyball with my youngest daughter so we got to know her and her parents.  The bride was a sorority sister of my oldest daughter, but they didn’t know each other well.  I was happy to go, but I had no emotional investment.

So I thought.  It dawned on me why women cry at weddings.  No, I didn’t cry at the wedding.  And no special emotion swept over me as the bride and groom were joined together.  It was at the reception that it hit me.  They were showing a video/slideshow of the life and times of the bride and groom from childhood on.  With sappy music.  And it made me think of my two children.  And how I love them.  And how watching them grow up has been so hard, yet so rewarding.

One day they will get married.  And I will cry my eyes out at the wedding.  Then again, could be that I’ll be so happy for them that I will dance with joy.  Probably both.

That’s part of my story.  What’s yours?


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