It’s almost here.  Hard to believe.  I’ve been waiting two decades for this, but much more intently over the past four years.  In two days my oldest daughter graduates from college!

Good Lord.  Where has the time gone?  Oh, so many clichés come to mind.  I vividly remember watching her walk off down the street toward her first college event.  Her mother, her sister and I followed her in the car.  All the while she ignored us.  She was ready.  We maybe weren’t.

Over the years she came home often.  Mainly for football games at UGA.  Or other Athens events.  But sometimes even to see her family.  All of that kind of gets blurred.  But the graduation I will remember well.

It’s a long way from my first memory of her.  Popping out into the world, clumsily caught by the delivering physician.  She screamed loudly.  Then rolled around in the inkpad the nurse was using to get a footprint for posterity.

So many memories over the years.  Where did it go?  But wait!  There is even more to come!  Every day creates a new memory.  And I’ll be looking forward to many more.

That’s part of my story.  What’s yours?



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