Secrets in the Surprise

I don’t like surprises.  But I do like it when good things come my way.  Yesterday was a good day.  And kind of a surprise.  The temperature was seventy-five degrees.  In January!  And I’m not talking Hawaii.

This is Georgia.  The weatherman says it’s not too unusual to have a few warm days in January, but this one seemed like a fluke.  It was the one I’ve been waiting for.  Might have been a warm front moving in.  Or a cold front moving out.  Global warming?  I leave the hows and whys to the weatherman.  I just knew it was a good day to get out on the scooter for a ride in the country.

I love my scooter.  It goes fast.  It gives me freedom.  It confuses people because it’s not a little scooter, but it’s not really a motorcycle.  Suits me well.  I like to get out on it and ride the country roads.  Get lost in my thoughts.  Lost on the roads too.  But you can’t get too lost.  No GPS, just a natural concept of which way to go.  In reality, if you don’t have a specific destination, it doesn’t matter which way you go.  That’s mainly how I ride.

My path took me over forty miles.  All paved roads this time.  One lane sometimes, but paved.  I know my way around most of these roads because I’ve ridden them all before, but I did find one new place.  I had seen the turnoff before, but I never realized it was actually a road.  It looked like it went to the parking lot of the recycling center.  But when I turned off the main road, I noticed that the road split, with one fork going to the recycling center, and the other going behind it to who knows where.

It turned out to be just a little loop of a road that came back to the main road.  But I saw houses, farms and fields I never knew were there.  And a little cemetery.  I didn’t stop this time because it looked like it was on someone’s private property.  There couldn’t have been more than ten or fifteen markers.  It was starting to be grown over.  Exploring there is for another day.

Its gonna get cold again soon and I won’t have another opportunity to ride for a while.  But I learned once again that we have to take advantage of opportunities when they appear to us.  And that in doing so, we may be surprised, pleasantly, by what we can find.

That’s part of my story.  What’s yours?


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