Grime of Time

All the blow mold stuff was gone.  Sold yesterday to some dude who needs it for a movie set.  I missed it by that much.  Dang!  My sister turned me on to this stuff and for those of you who don’t know, blow mold is the name for all those hard plastic snowmen, Santas, candle sticks, lanterns and nativity figures you see in people’s yards around the Christmas season.  Very collectible these days.  Reminiscent of a simpler time.  Boomer youth.  Now I’ve said too much and y’all will be sanppin’ it up on EBay and in the antique shops.

Antique shops are one of my favorite places to hang out.  Right up there with hardware stores.  There are just so m any things to look at.  Notice I didn’t say buy.  Sure, it’s all for sale.  And you can buy it.  But mostly I look to learn.  When I’m ready I buy, but I like to know what I’m doing.  Gotta know real from fake, good from bad, really valuable form average.  Always buy the best you can afford.

So yesterday’s excursion was a bust for blow-mold, but that didn’t slow me down one bit.  There are a lot of things I look for.  I love colored glass.  Mostly ornamental stuff.  Not so much drinking glasses.  Color fascinates me.  I look for Native American beadwork and silver.    I think I’ve talked about my love of clocks before so I’m always on the lookout for those.  As a veteran I always feel compelled to look over any militaria I find.  Atomic Age stuff is a new thing of mine.  And of course, I love anything Italian.  Anything.  So I was thrilled to find an interesting piece of Italian pottery.  At an incredibly reasonable price I might add.  Score!

There are other things I look for as well.  But I don’t always remember what.  Sometimes I have to remind myself that I’m looking for something in particular.  This is what makes it really interesting while antique shopping.  It’s often that thing I forgot I was interested in that jumps up and grabs my attention.  So much so that I just have to have it.  I tell myself often that it’s not how much stuff you have that counts.  But I do enjoy my stuff.

What frequently amuses me is when I see something that I know my family had when I was a child.  Something we used everyday and threw out with the garbage when it was used up.  And now it’s a valuable collectible!  Some of it was junk then, and is still junk now, but some I certainly do appreciate more now than then.  Look at the resurgence of mid century modern style.  I think my mother still has some of that stuff in the attic.  Maybe one day I’ll get a chance to rummage through her attic and find great treasures to either collect for myself, or sell.  What ever happened to all my G I Joes?

Sometimes what I see makes me a little sad.  Maybe it reminds me of times past.  People or places I miss.  Things that tell me I ain’t getting any younger.  Maybe something I wish I could do over, or more of.  Or less of even.  Such is life.

One man’s junk is another man’s treasure.  Sure.  So why does it always seem that the stuff I put in garage sales goes unsold?  Garage sales are the wrong venue.  Obviously, the stuff I have is much more valuable so I need to dust it off and put a sign on it indicating that is an antique.  That should triple the price! 

I have a basement full of stuff I need to sell to collectors.  Then I’ll have more room to put the stuff form my mother’s attic.  And to keep the new treasures I buy as my own collectables.  The fact that everyone has different taste is what makes antiquing fun.

That’s part of my story.  What’s yours?


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