Time Disappeared

Time disappeared recently.  Really.  Did you miss it?  Didn’t make the news.  Why do we track time?  I’m no dummy, but I don’t know that I would have been able to track the phases of the sun, moon, stars, and tides to develop a calendar.  Interesting phenomena, but I wouldn’t have written it down.  That’s cool, what’s for dinner?  I certainly wouldn’t have been able to figure out how to build an accurate timepiece- hourglass, Stonehenge, sundial, Big Ben or Citizen Eco Drive.

I love clocks and watches.  Especially the wind up kind, even though I never remember to wind them up.  Not sure why I have such a thing for them, or why I forget to wind them.  But I love the tick tock, bing, bang, bong.  My dream is being in a room with sixty-four clocks going off simultaneously at the stroke of midnight!

Some watches are solar powered,  some are auto wind, juiced by the movement of your arm.  But most timepieces today are run by a quartz movement fired up by some itty bitty button battery. Not the same as an old wind up skeleton piece where you can see all the gears turning.  But that’s what I wear on  my wrist.  A quartz watch with huge digital numbers.

Not too long ago the face on my six year old watch cracked, somehow.  I suspect it was at the beach while I was wrestling sharks, or napping in my lounge chair. A drop of water got in to the case.  Bad combination.  The water fogged up the inside of the face and I could no longer read the numbers.  In effect, time disappeared.  Time for a new watch.

I have a couple of “good” watches, and a sentimental favorite or two.  I have a pair of skeleton watches.  Metal bands, cloth bands, plastic bands and leather bands.  Digital and analog.  What I wanted was simple.  A cheap watch.  Plastic, digital, quartz movement.  With one of those little button batteries that last longer than the watch.  Needed a calendar and a back-light.  And BIG numbers.  Oh, water resist too.  But mostly cheap.  That is, low cost.  But at the same time it had to match my personal style, to suit my touch of vanity.  Had to look good!  And did I mention, cheap?

The Internet is full of stuff.  Ninety nine cents with free shipping.  Not my style.  Japanese LED.  Cool, but my old eyes had a hard time reading it.  Fake Rolex, TAG, and Movado.  I don’t do fake, and I’m too practical for a real one.  Antique watches on EBAY.  That opened too many options and I lost my focus.  But I did find a lot of really cool watches!

In the end I went to a chain retail store and bought a twenty dollar watch.  It met most of my criteria.  It doesn’t express my personality or my love of watches, but it does it’s job.  Not perfect, and I’ll keep looking.  I’ll always be looking for something.  That’s part of my story.  What’s yours?  www.personalhistorywriter.com


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