collector’s folly

This has to be one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever seen.  Well, there was that time back in the day when parachute pants were popular.  Maybe it’s just me, but I thought that was silly.  But this thing, it’s just goofy. 

 Just lying there, waiting, it looks ok I guess.  Brightly colored.  Purple.  Teal.  And spots.  Very tame.  Inert even.  But when you touch it, or pick it up, it wiggles and squirms.  But it isn’t afraid or trying to get away.  That’s when I have to scratch my head, smile and wonder what genius came up with this thing.

 I collect pens and this is an oddball.  Some of the pens I have are just plain works of art.  The antique fountain pens with the etched nibs. Others perfectly functional.  The Cross and Schaeffer pen and pencil sets. Others just reminders of people or places from the past.  Like every Hampton Inn I’ve ever been in.  I’m a klepto when it comes to hotel pens.  Lots of companies use pens for advertising.  Some are good pens that make me think more of the advertiser.  Some are terrible pens, which makes me think less. 

 As an interesting matter of fact, the company that developed my website had somehow managed to get one of their pens into my hands and when I went to meet the guy for our initial meeting, I had that sucker in my pocket.  Fate!

 My thing with pens started early.  I remember collecting pens in junior high school.  I think they call that middle school now.  Back then the standard pen was the Bic ballpoint.  I remember a TV ad where someone strapped one to an ice skate and skated around a pond, writing on the ice I guess.  But afterwards, the thing still worked!  Then there was the Bic Banana.  It was so popular you could hardly find it in the stores.  Big yellow thing.  Go figure.  And the Bic Click.  That was upscale. 

 When I graduated from high school my parents gave me a pen.  Not just any pen.  Much more than a Bic.  This was a Hallmark special edition made from a solid piece of rosewood and enhanced with gold-filled hardware.  It was smooth to the touch and well balanced.  And it wrote very nicely.  In spite of my illegible handwriting.  My first beautiful pen.  I was hooked and had to have more.

 So now I have this crazy looking thing.  You may have seen something like it before.  It’s in the shape of a fish.  Colored like a neon trout.  And carved so that it bends and wiggles and squiggles.  Not a beautiful pen.  Not a classic.  Barely even functional.  But I hate to write with it anyway because I’m afraid it will run out of ink.  It was hand carved by an international artisan.  How do I know?  He signed it.  His name is China. 

 Don’t know how I got it, but it’s part of my collection.  And I keep it not because it’s beautiful, or valuable, but because it makes me laugh.  And I need some more laughs in my world.  That’s part of my personal history.  What’s your story?  Write it down for the future.


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