Brown Excitement

Brown is such a blah color.  Sure, there are a lot of variations on brown that make it more interesting.  As a matter of fact, there is a certain shade of brown ink that fills my favorite fountain pen.  What I’m talking about is fudge brownie brown.  Hmmm, that actually sounds pretty good.  OK, let me be real specific here.  I’m talking about the brown color that United Parcel Service paints its delivery trucks.  Brown.  Even they call it brown.  It may even be a trademarked color.  
When UPS pulls up at the office, they deliver brown boxes.  And looking into the truck, I see lots of other brown boxes.  Why are cardboard boxes brown?  But sometimes, tucked away in all that brown , is a little bit of color.  And truth be told, you never know what is inside those brown boxes. Those brown trucks can bring the brightest smiles to peoples faces.  Not because people like brown trucks but because those trucks are filled with all sorts of wonderful things.
The other day my daughter and I were pulling up to the house form an excursion somewhere and there in the street, right in form of our house, was that brown truck.  My daughter got all lit up and was excitedly saying, “maybe that’s my package, I hope that’s my package.  It must be my package>”  when we pulled into the driveway, the driver of the brown truck waved and drove off.  That seemed like a good sign to me, but I don’t think my daughter was paying attention to that.  You see, she had spotted the brown box at the garage door.  Up went the roar.  “That’s my package!”
Let me explain that my daughter is going to be a freshman in college this year.  She has been buying all sorts of goodies to outfit her dorm room.  Most of it at the local store, but this was special.  Target Online.  A bedspread.  With lots of colors.  She’s very excited about all of this.  Not just the bedspread, but the whole thing of going off to college.  And she should be.  It’s a big deal.  A huge moment in HER personal history.  And mine.  What’s coming up in the personal history of your family members?  What’s in their past personal history?  Write it down for them.  They will thank you.

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