Great Sports Legacies

The Olympic Games.  Now there is an event worthy of the history books.  Those going to the games as participants must have a multitude of feelings right about now.  Some will win medals, others won’t.  But all will be in a select group of athletes.  Olympians.  What stories they will have to tell!
Kind of reminds me of my own athletic prowess.  No, I am not now, nor have I ever been, a member of any elite class of athlete.  I ran three marathons, but not at any remarkable pace.  And I don’t do that anymore.  I still go to the gym several days a week, but the days of competition are over.  It’s quite an experience though.  Unless you’ve been there, you can’t understand.  And I’m not sure that all athletes understand each other.  However, all athletes have a story to tell, regaling any listener about how, “I remember the time…” 
My closet has several log books in it, sitting on a shelf, that detail the run or training routine I completed on a particular day.  Just short notes.  I wish I had kept a record in greater detail.  My children see the marathon medals every day, hanging in their spot of honor around the neck of Amanda Fenwick.  She is a replica of a sailing ship’s carved wooden figurehead, and looks very good with all that bling.  Both kids were there at the finish line of the first marathon I ran, and the photo of the three of us at the finish line is one of my favorites.  They don’t know the whole story though.
Most of us have done a stint as an athlete.  Somewhere along the line we all participated in organized sports.  Some to a greater extent than others.  Maybe it was just gym class in elementary school.  Or maybe a college team.  We are just not all suited to be jocks, either by skill level or temperment.  I forced myself in both regards.  Nowadays everybody gets a trophy for participating.  And a bigger one for winning.  But wouldn’t you like to remember the details?  Shouldn’t your descendants know about your journey?  Write it down.  Have someone else write it down.  But save it for the future.  Your input on uniforms, rules, equipment or some other aspecrt of your sport might someday be the missing piece of the puzzle for which historians are searching.  You never know.

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