Man’s Best Friend

With teeth like a rabid wolf, my dog is none the less afraid of thunderstorms.  The other night I had to get down on the floor to sleep next to her.  She didn’t sleep, and neither did I.  She pants like crazy as soon as she senses any thunder in the area.  I’m not sure why exactly, but I think it has to do with her puppy hood.  

We got her when she was ten weeks old as a rescue.  Apparently she had been living in a dumpster at a mobile home park.  That would scare me, not to mention some thunderstorm.  Only she knows what that was like, and she isn’t saying, but it’s all part of her personal history.  Yes, dogs have interesting lives too.  Maybe you could capture the life of your dog as a memoir.  Or your cat.  Or bird.  Whatever kind of pet you have, aren’t they part of your family?

This dog is a big part of my personal history too.  And that of my family.  She is the fourth dog I have had as a pet, but she is my favorite.  I feel the closest to her.  Perhaps I don’t really remember the first one too well as I was a child back then.  The second dog was really my brother’s dog.  The third one was mean.  This one and I got the power paradigm straight real early.  I nearly killed myself demonstrating that I was “the big dog.”  But we understand each other now.  And she follows me everywhere.

The thunderstorm reminded me of her first night with us.  She was in her crate.  Downstairs.  Alone.  And she was whimpering.  I went down and lay down next ot the crate and slept there all night with her.  She made it through the night.

Pets are part of our family, and our family history.  there is no telling how that story might have been different without her.  Capture their story too.


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