Big and Small

Not feeling terribly important today?  Take another look!  What makes people important?  Life is short, but the world goes on and on and on so, in the end it’s the legacy they leave behind.  And the contributions they have made to the world.  Does that mean that the one with the most toys wins?  That those who contribute the most are of the greatest importance?  No.   What it means is that everyone benefits, including future generations, when we all try.
Maybe you are not the president of the company you work for, or of the country you live in.  You say you were in the military, but not as an admiral.  You own a mom and pop type business, but not Exxon/Mobil.  You live with a roof over your head, but not one covered with gold.  You belong to a club, but not the most prestigious (that is, perhaps, most expensive) one.  You go to the movies, but you’re not a movie star.  You sing in the shower, but you’re not a rock star either.  Not famous.  Not super rich.  Still, you are very valuable.
When you work, regardless of the job you have, you provide a vital piece of the puzzle without which the picture would not be complete.  You may or may not feel fulfilled or appreciated, but you are doing something, including, I hope, keeping an eye out for the next opportunity.  Admirals and generals may make the plans, but no plan, regardless of how good it is, succeeds without the full effort of all of the participants, including the raw boot camp graduate.  From acorns do mighty oaks grow, and the mom and pop business is what builds business in any industry and in any location.  Does size really matter?  I guess it depends on who you ask.  But think, if you have a home that holds you and most of your stuff, and it keeps you warm and dry, do you really need more?  What are really going to do with two swimming pools, nineteen bedrooms, twenty seven bathrooms and a nine car garage?  You’ll just get lost, and have a huge heating and air conditioning bill.  If you enjoy your club, and fellow club mates, why go elsewhere?  You might not fit so well.  And if you ask any movie star or rock star, even someone who is just famous for being famous, there is a downside to all that.  You might have to dig through a pile of money to find it, but there is a down side.
Don’t get me wrong here, I’m not trying to say that everyone should be satisfied with their situation.  Or that we should mindlessly accept everything that comes our way.  Not at all.  If you want more, strive for it!  What I am saying is that each life has value.  Look at it this way, if you find the right pond, you’ll be the biggest fish.  What is important though is that you were here, and you made a contribution.  And there will always be people who are interested in what that contribution was.  Ever heard of geneology?  People have an innate curiosity about where they came from, and who they followed.  And what those people did.  It gives us a sense of belonging, and a sense of place.
Regardless of who you are or what you do, you should record your story for future generations.  Historians will love you.  But more importantly, your descendants will appreciate knowing what fine stock they come from.  Share your personal history with the present, and the future!

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