Father’s Day

I wanted to say that fathers are an interesting bunch.  But they’re not.  That is, they are certainly interesting, but a bunch they are not.  There are indeed many of them, and that is exactly why they are not a bunch.  Each is unique, and so is his story.

Most dads aren’t famous.  They’re not generals, CEOs, rock stars, great athletes or presidents.  But they all have a story.  Some dads are very vocal in presenting their story at every opportunity.  Others don’t share as much.  It’s not that there are deep dark secrets, it’s just that they don’t talk about it.

There seems to be a fairly common roller coaster ride that dads take through their kids lives, with ups and downs in the relationship.  Little kids love daddy.  As they get a little older he gets to be more opf a pain until in their teen years most kids believe their dad to be the ultimate dumbass.  But as the kids get older, dad somehow gets smarter until at some point the kids realize that maybe he was a pretty good guy all along.

Dad was born, grew up, got married, had kids and went to work.  What was that all about?  If he dodn’t say, and nobody asked, the story is lost.  Who is he?  If you don’t know, isn’t it time to ask?  He may not be famous, but there is sure to be a good story.  Save it so he remembers.  And so you will know.  We can understand a lot about ourselves by knowing our fathers.  Future generations will thank you.  www.personalhistorywriter.com


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