Who I Am

Did you know that the first personal history was written by….Well, we don’t know who was the first to record such a story, or who the subject of this might have been, but we do know that throughout history people have been eager to  immortalize themselves and their accomplishments.  Cave drawings, pyramids, portraits and books of many types all chronicle in their own way the story of some life.  Not all revolve aroound the rich, powerful or royal.  Some reveal the lives of common people.  And all are incredibly valuable to our understanding of the past.

This blog is dedicated to personal histories, the unique story that each of us has.  I have made it my goal to help people, all kinds of people, to record their personal history for future generations.  It may be a veteran sharing his experiences with his grandchildren.  Or it might be a younger generation preserving the story of a parent or grandparent for posterity.  Check out my website, www.personalhistorywriter.com, to see what I do.

I’ll be blogging about new projects and ideas about personal histories as well as the progress of this business.  Check back for a variety of topics.  I hope you will enjoy my posts.  And maybe you will want me to preserve a history for you.  Let me be your Personal History Writer.


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